8 Reasons To Get Your Blood Pressure Checked Regularly

Medically, high blood pressure means your heart is pushing blood through your arteries with a higher force. If excessively high, this force can lead to damage to your arteries even busting them which is usually a case in brain hemorrhage. It is therefore important to have regular blood pressure checks. There are things in your life that may be causing high blood pressure without you even knowing it, so it is best to stay proactive in this regard.


1-Age Factor 

Above the age of 40, the body starts to weaken against stress, and constant stress results in high blood pressure. That is why those above 40 must have regular blood pressure checks.

2-Family History

Someone with a family history of heart diseases or hypertension is very prone to having high blood pressure. They can even develop this condition at a young age. It is important to be aware of family history to know any plausibility of high blood pressure so that complications can be avoided using medical help.


Needless to mention that smoking causes heart diseases but those in the habit of smoking will carry high blood pressure. Often, people with stressful jobs develop smoking habits which is like adding fuel to the fire. That leads to hypertension and can be fatal to your health.

4-Usage Of Alcohol

Alcohol is acidic in nature and is a neurotoxin which damages the liver as well as the arteries, thereby weakening them in withstanding high blood pressure. Excessive alcohol usage therefore causes regular high blood pressure.

5-Obesity Or Being Overweight

What obesity does is raise resistance in blood vessels against blood flow. This causes the heart to exert more force to carry out its function of pumping blood which results in high blood pressure. Also, obesity causes laziness and therefore procrastination in getting health checks.

6- High Salt Usage

People who use a higher amount of salt in their foods often tend to have high blood pressure. Salt consists of sodium which boosts blood pressure up and that is why its excessive usage may lead to hypertension.


In situations which cause stress, the heart exerts a higher amount of force to pump blood. Normally, we shout out or get angry in stress which causes blood pressure to rise. Job related stress is a major cause of hypertension, led by high blood pressure, among middle aged persons.


Most drugs or cold relief pills cause constriction of blood vessels which results in high blood pressure. Prescription medicines used such as estrogens or birth control pills cause similar effects which are a great cause of high blood pressure among women.

Unless blood pressure checks enable you to track any adverse effect from these situations, you may continually suffer from high blood pressure. These life aspects that exist daily with us require that blood pressure checks are performed regularly so that any sort of risks to one’s health can be tracked before the situation goes out of control.


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