Everything You Need to Know About the Dental Crown Process


A dental crown is a cap placed over a tooth to modify its shape. Teeth tend to lose their original shape when they are damaged due to infection. Even if the infection and bacteria are removed, the shape of tooth cannot be restored. Under such circumstances, the affected tooth is covered with an artificial cap. Apart from concealing the shape of tooth, it also restores chewing capabilities that might be affected by the infection.

Why is a Dental Crown Placed?

There are varying reasons as to why a dental crown is placed over a tooth.

  • Improve Appearance:

The main aim of placing a dental crown is to bring back the appearance of tooth that was lost due to infection. Broken teeth do not look good and force a person into losing self-confidence. Therefore, the treatment was introduced to keep a person young and healthy.

  • Damage Repair:

If a tooth is broken into half, or smaller portion is chipped, it can be covered with a crown to stop further damages. A worn down tooth can also be covered. Furthermore, it can be used when a majority of teeth have broken down, leaving behind large gaps between the teeth.

  • Restore Strength:

Placing the crown over a tooth helps in restoring its strength. It can bite and chews just like  a natural tooth. Moreover, the tooth can offer more resistance against bacteria that attempts to inflict some harm.


The dental crown process begins with numbing the area near affected root, to save patients from severe pain. After that, the impression of tooth is taken to prepare a crown of a suitable size. The tooth is cleaned to remove all infections or fluids, and then prepared for placing the crown. It will be filled so that no gap is left between the tooth and the cap. The final impression of the tooth will then be taken, so as to avoid any flaws.

A temporary crown may be placed over the prepared tooth for the time being. The procedure is completed in a few visits. Hence, this temporary cap provides safety until the permanent crown is made ready. Once the permanent crown is placed, it will be cemented to hold its position.

Dental crown process involves placing a cap over a broken tooth. It restores the capabilities of the tooth and makes it look just like before.


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