Nitrous oxide or commonly known as laughing gas is a safe sedative agent that dentist use before performing any intrusive surgeries that could be very pain full. Currently this maybe the only option a dentist can opt for to help sedate a patient during any dental procedure in order to save the patient from a world of pain. Our teeth and gums are very delicate and this is why sedation is considered to be a core prerequisite before most dental procedures.

We all know how painful it is when teeth start aching so imagine the pain when a dentist is operating. This is exactly why dentist simply cannot perform certain procedures without sedating the patient as the pain can be excruciating, which can hamper the effectiveness of the procedure. But still there is a substantial amount of people who avoid dental procedures due to the fear of sedation and that is completely normal. However, nitrous oxide is not that powerful and numerous studies have proven that it represents the most ideal clinical circumstance.

What exactly Nitrous oxide? 

Nitrous oxide is simply a gas which is odor and color less. It was initially discovered in 1772 and since then has been widely used in the health care industry as one of the most effective ways of sedation.  Unlike most sedation techniques Nitrous oxide is administered by simply inhaling the gas. It immediately provides relief from pain and also provides a soothing feeling.  Some people have also stated that they have hallucinated on nitrous oxide, but this happens in rare circumstances.

Once Nitrous Oxide is administered you feel the effects within a matter of minutes, as a feeling of euphoria and happiness will encompass you. In most cases the sedating effect only lasts a couple of hours. Since the gas is not administered via your blood flow there is no chance that your body has a reaction and this also ensures that no patient has to deal with any side effects.

The effects of nitrous oxide depend on the concentration and length of administration. However, there are four levels which people normally experience. These four levels of experience are mentioned below:

  • A tingling sensation in the legs and arms
  • Warm sensation
  • A feeling of euphoria and well being
  • This is the highest level of sedation and provides the patient the feeling of being extremely sleepy

What are the advantages of using nitrous oxide?

The underlining reason why nitrous oxide is the foremost choice for dentists is due to the array of benefits that it provides. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Immediately brings the desired results
  • The dentist can control the concentration of sedation
  • No hangover or after effects
  • No injection is required
  • Is one of the safest options for inducing sedation