Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sore jaw on a frequent basis? Well you might be suffering from a dental condition known as Bruxism. However, only a certified doctor or dentist can effectively diagnose this condition as there could be other issues you might be suffering from.

Bruxism is completely normal and studies have proven that approximately 15% of adults suffer from this condition. Basically this condition forces the patient to grind while sleeping.

Although this may sound trivial, but the pressure these patients exert on their teeth while grinding is quite damaging. Not only does the patient suffer from excruciating jaw pain in the morning, but it also induces headaches and severe pain in the teeth. So no matter how much sleep these patients have, they will never be able to wake up in the morning full of life. This is exactly why every patient suffering from the condition should seek help immediately before their condition inflicts irreversible damage to their teeth.

Currently the most effective treatment for this condition is a night guard. This simple treatment has the capacity of saving the patient from a world of pain and is available at most pharmacies without a prescription. The night guard is simply attached to the teeth while you sleep and protects your teeth from the damage that this condition entails. These night guards are offered at an affordable price and most dentists can even have custom made night guards according to their specifications.

We would recommend that before you make this purchase you first contact your dentist and have him or her ascertain whether you require a night guard or not. Even though a night guard can help patients on so many different levels, it still does not cure the condition or reduce the symptoms. So the patient will keep grinding for the rest of their lives and will have to wear the guard to protect their teeth. If they forget to wear the night guard, they will have to deal with the pain once again. This is exactly why there are alternative treatments available for this condition.

Some of these alternatives are mentioned below.

  • Teeth straightening: Most dentists state that grinding occurs when teeth are out of alignment, so braces can be used to straighten the teeth.
  • Stress prevention: Another root cause of this condition is stress and anxiety. So your doctor can prescribe stress prevention techniques to reduce the chances of you grinding your teeth in your sleep.
  • Medication: There are also different medicines out there that can inhibit grinding significantly, but only a certified doctor or dentist can prescribe such medication. They will take into account a whole host of factors before prescribing such medicine to patients.

Rest assured this condition is treatable and you can find solace from the pain. Contact your dentist as soon as possible in order for the treatment to start.